moths and their friends 

My oldest dream is from Indonesia, or I’ve told myself it is so many times that it doesn’t matter if it isn’t. It was a nightmare, in retrospect. I was laying in my little bed under the mosquito net, unmoving. I can see myself laying there, paralyzed in fear as a thick layer of insects found their way across my body. A centipede nibbled on my ear as large ants from our kitchen marched down by my stomach. There were large beetles with large strong horns and others with emerald green shimmering armor.

This piece is an 8 foot hanging knit sculpture. It alludes to my childhood nightmare, simultaneously exploring the nuanced narratives happening in my childhood that I only became aware of later in life. I was attracted to the heaviness of the wool and how it could represent the weight of those memories and traumas. I wanted to piece to exist between nostalgia and melancholy.