Memories exist between reality and fiction, between the past and the present. I create structures and objects that are gateways into the ephemeral; making memories and dreams more grounded and accessible for other people to experience. I am searching for a way to collect all of the nebulous thoughts and experiences that circle around me through my work, continuously reiterating the past until I am able to accept and understand it. Through this exploration, I want the viewer to be able to process and understand their own memories, their own missing fathers, their own neighborhoods and bedrooms, their own glimpses of the past.

In order to capture the nuances of memory and its processes, I have been working with archival family photos and exploring how I can degrade them through weaving and knitting. The transformation of the imagery represents the different narratives, traumas, and relationships within my family and childhood.

Throughout this process of upheaval and rememory, I’ve come to realize how closely this process reminds me of grieving, of its tumultuous nature. Grieving someone who is alive, but who was not there. Grieving the consequences of harms and traumas that I’ve accepted, but simultaneously haven’t been able to move on from. The objects I make are artifacts of healing. They are vessels that simultaneously bring narratives from the past to the surface and create a path of growth for the present and future.