“a home for us” - Officina Neukölln Residency 

2021 - 2022

I spent seven months at Officina Neukölln, a cross-disciplinary workspace in Berlin. I was able to spend time figuring out what my art process can look like when removed from the university context and from textile-specific facilities. This led me to further pursuin hand-knitting to create large soft sculptures. I produced two works, “Domek” and “Inside”, as well as an art book. 

The residency culminated in a final show - “a home for us”. My works reference specific spaces and items from my childhood. Reiterating these familiar objects is a way of digesting emotional wounds. By creating an environment that shelters the viewer with its scale and enveloping qualities but also traps them within its realm, I wanted to invite the audience to not only step into the dreamlike world of my memories but also key into their own experiences.

Domek (“Little House”)

dyed strips of bedsheets and tablecloths, wooden frame

When I was a kid I had a small, red tent that I would play in. It was a space separate from the world, where I could hide and choose how I want to interact with the outside. Referencing a specific object from my childhood is a way of grounding memories and experiences into the physical. With “Domek”, I wanted to create a sense of safety and invite the viewer to interact with the piece and sit inside.


hand-knit strips of curtains, tablecloths, and lace, wooden frame

“Inside” is connected to memories of lace and toile curtains in my grandparent’s apartment, to hiding in the swaths of fabric. When making this piece, my goal was to have the viewer connect to my memories but also reflect on their own. During the final exhibition, I found that strangers would sit down together inside the piece. “Inside” became a vessel for talking and meeting new people. I’m excited to further explore how these types of sculptures can create bonding and collective reflection in future pieces.